Everyone’s talking about employee burnout and the “Great Resignation”.

What can you do about it?


of professionals have experienced burnout in their current job


annual cost of burnout for organizations

Nearly half of millennials say they’ve quit a job specifically because they felt burned out.

Your burnout is unique

Your recovery will be, too

The totalk2.com Burnout Intervention Program is designed to enhance burnout resilience among employees and managers, and reduce burnout the damage it causes by:

Enhancing engagement

Improving productivity

Lowering attrition rates

Our holistic science-based approach is tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

The Burnout Intervention Program includes:

Identification of current needs, implementation, and evaluation​

Group workshops for managers and staff

One on One intervention sessions

Ongoing analysis and research into the state of overall organizational wellbeing and resilience

Our approach draws on ’self-determination’ theory - the leading evidence based formulation for motivation building.
We focus on enhancing satisfaction of 3 core needs that facilitate and preserve an individual's motivation.

These core needs consist of Autonomy, Competence, Relatedness and are considered primary in buffering against burnout.

The program works to strengthen these internal drivers, thereby building resilience to burnout.

Learn how totalk2.com can improve your team’s burnout resiliency, while delivering added value to your organization.

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