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We founded the company as a response to the Covid-19 crisis, and as part of the effort to make emotional counseling accessible to everyone. 
We are a passionate team of psychologists, mental health therapists, clinical social workers and licensed and certified couple therapists with experience and training in targeted interventions.

Lior Bitton

Education: I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from Tel Aviv University and my masters in clinical psychology from the Tel Aviv – Yaffo Academic College.

Clinical Experience: I have ten years of private practice experience helping teenagers and adults. I also worked in a mental health hospital and was the clinical director of an early intervention and prevention center for youth (Headspace Israel), where I was in charge of the clinical team, supervision and research.

Areas of Expertise: I have helped patients suffering from a wide variety of emotional challenges, including OCD, PTSD, anxiety, sexual trauma, depression, and different life challenges. I also acquired significant experience in focused short-term psychotherapeutic interventions and with working with the LGBTQ community. I worked with families and I am experienced in parental guidance and in couples interventions.

Therapeutic Approach: I have a psychodynamic background and practice various third wave CBT approaches including DBT, MBT and classic CBT. I am a certified EMDR practitioner and am familiar with practicing different focused intervention methods. I believe in a holistic approach and in finding the right fit for each patient.

Meytal Fischer-Shofty, PhD

Education: My bachelor’s degree is in biology and psychology from Tel Aviv University, with an emphasis on neuroscience. I then earned a master’s and doctorate in clinical neuropsychology at the University of Haifa, where I studied the effects of the oxytocin on social cognition.

Clinical Experience: I completed my clinical residency in mental health centers (both in outpatient clinic and hospital settings), and worked with adults in individual and group therapy. In recent years, I have also been providing short-term psychotherapy to children and young adults in a youth center. In addition, I work in a private clinic helping adults with various mental health issues and life stresses.

Areas of Expertise: I have worked with children, teenagers and adults dealing with a wide range of issues, provided parental guidance, and have experience delivering short-term interventions using mindfulness, self-compassion, and CBT.     

Therapeutic Approach: I believe that safe, compassionate human interaction is the key for creating positive transformations in our lives. 

Kobi Walder

Education: I studied clinical psychology and neuropsychology at Haifa University and completed my training as a rehabilitation neuropsychology specialist at Sheba Medical Centre.

Clinical Experience: During the course of my career I have worked with teenagers, young adults and adults who are dealing with a variety of stressful life events. Those include neurological, orthopaedic, and chronically ill patients, at-risk youth and people who are struggling with PTSD.

Areas of Expertise: I have received extensive training and experience in implementing PTSD protocols and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) therapies. I am also experienced in working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, members of the LGBTQ community, and with people struggling with different life challenges. 

Therapeutic Approach: My work includes traditional dynamic psychotherapy and CBT interventions as well as those that emphasize the mind-body connection. 

Zach Gerber, PhD

Education: I have a PhD in rehabilitative psychology from Bar Ilan University. My research focused on the benefits of self-compassion in caregiving and parenting.

Clinical Experience: I have extensive experience providing targeted therapeutic interventions for individuals experiencing or who have experienced an acute medical event or have a close family member who did. In addition, I have broad training in helping people struggling with various emotional and life challenges.

Areas of Expertise: I have much experience in crisis intervention, resilience training, and focused emotional counseling.

Therapeutic Approach: I see myself as an integrative therapist who applies evidence-based aspects of psychotherapy research together with psychodynamic thinking and protocol work. I respond and engage from a “near experience” position, encouraging the individual’s creativity and innate growth tendency.

Karny Gigi, PhD Educational Psychologist

Education: I have a PhD in psychobiology from Haifa University

Clinical Experience: As a school psychologist, I work with headmasters and school staff, both on systematic and particular challenges. I also diagnose and treat young children and teenagers dealing with emotional challenges, behavioral problems, social difficulties, or trauma. Additionally, I have extensive experience in parental guidance and working on parenting skills. I am currently doing my internship as an educational psychologist with the Tel Aviv educational psychological service, where part of my work is to advise parents and educational staff on issues related to compatibility for children in different educational facilities.

Areas of Expertise: Individual therapy for kids and adolescents with various emotional challenges and behavioral problems, diagnosis and therapy in the field of attention disorders and learning disabilities. As manager of the ‘Maslul’ program at the Tel Aviv municipality, I accompany parents of children with extravert behavioral problems  from a systematic perspective, providing support and guidance to all of the adults taking part in the child’s upbringing and education.   

Therapeutic Approach: The world we live in poses a lot of challenges for parents and kids. Sometimes, we just need some support or guidance to help us navigate through these challenges. I believe in a holistic approach in working with kids and adolescents, and in the capacity of parents going through a meaningful process to better understand their children and gain the tools to assist and support them through their challenges.  

Yael Kutchinsky, Developmental Psychologist

Education: I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology, and my masters in Developmental Psychology from Ben Gurion University.

Clinical Experience: During the course of my career, I have worked in various clinics for child development. I diagnose and treat children with developmental disabilities and give emotional support to their parents. In addition, I also help parents prior to and after childbirth, through the many challenges of becoming a parent and raising babies and toddlers. In recent years, I have taught developmental psychology for health professionals.

Areas of Expertise: I have extensive training in treating children with developmental problems, such as ASD or eating disorders in children. I am also trained in working with parents in child-psychotherapy.   

Therapeutic Approach: I conduct parent training with an inter-subjective perspective, combining tools from the field of parental mentalization and “the circle of security”, as well as cognitive-behavioral components.

Shanni Giladi, Psychotherapist

Education: I have a master’s degree in clinical social work from Yeshiva University in NY. In addition, I studied 3 years of psychotherapy, with an expertise in third wave CBT approaches. 

Clinical Experience: For the past 6 years, I have been working in my private practice, where I meet with teenagers and adults who at their core, long to feel seen, valued, understood, secure, and free – but at times, end up being stuck in trauma’s  frustrating loops of misunderstanding, crisis or disconnection. In addition, I have worked for 4 years in a youth center that provides short term therapy for adolescents, ages 12-25.

Areas of Expertise: I work with adolescents and adults who experience a variety of concerns, including, anxiety, trauma, sexual problems, relationship issues, life crises, as well as clients who feel that they don’t love and accept who they are, are self- judgmental, have low self-worth, and those who are not inspired by the life they’ve created.   

Therapeutic Approach: I am an integrative therapist, combining dynamic and CBT approaches according to the needs of the patient. I believe in our ability to expand our awareness and evoke our inner self-healer. Sometimes it’s a long process, and sometimes it’s a focused, short term one. I believe that the purpose of therapy is to enable a process that expands one’s version of oneself and gives someone the tools so they can choose how to react to what comes their way.

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