We are changing the way people and organizations think about emotional wellbeing

We believe in improving employees’ emotional wellbeing by building resilience to burnout
and raising awareness of mental health issues.
We make counseling & helpful information accessible and easy.

Our Services

Focused emotional counseling

“There are more workers absent from work because of stress and anxiety than due to physical illness or injury.”

Businessolver Study, 2021

We believe in helping employees deal with routine emotional challenges in all aspects of their lives, at work and at home. Our team of mental health professionals will help your employees navigate through their challenges, using totalk2’s unique focused counseling model.

We have a wide range of modules dealing with specific life challenges.

Resilience & Burnout Intervention

“Workers are burned out, and bosses are struggling to respond.” Wall Street Journal, 2021

• Burnout often leads to disengaged employees, who can cost employers 34% of their annual salary

Nearly half of millennials say they quit a job specifically because they felt burned out

Our Resilience & Burnout Intervention program is designed to enhance burnout resilience among employees and managers, and reduce burnout and the damages it causes.

Our program delivers:

We partner with companies to strengthen their teams’ mental health

“I believe providing mental health and emotional assistance to employees is far more valuable than fun and presents. This platform provides easy access and a highly professional solution, I tried it myself and was very pleased.”

“We believe we’re all in this together, and we invite our people to share their feelings, thoughts, and needs… besides the collective responsibility, we view each of our people as individuals and prioritize their wellbeing.”

“Our employees’ mental health is not something they just leave at home. We believe in a holistic approach to support people, in all aspects of their lives.”