Emotional counseling for the workplace

totalk2.com provides emotional wellbeing services to companies and organizations. We believe in helping employees deal with emotional challenges in all aspects of their lives - at work and home. Our science-based approach is designed to help people deal with the immediate challenges they face, so they can thrive.

We believe in a ‘no wrong door’ ideology

There’s no such thing as a wrong door. We can offer something to everyone, whether they are dealing with a ‘minor’ event, regular work stress, or a major life event. If your issue goes beyond what can be handled adequately in 4 short sessions, we will help you define the challenge and refer you to the right service for a comprehensive solution.

Mood Issues

Mild to Intermediate ​







Solutions are flexible and accessible - available anywhere, anytime, online on any platform

We are here for you, for any challenge

We have topic-specific modules that were developed to deal with common issues faced by our clients: That’s why we created the totalk2 model of counseling.

Workplace issues

even a great job can be tough sometimes, and we all experience challenges in our professional life that can be navigated with the help of our professional team.

Parental guidance

Parent guidance: an educational psychologist can help guide you through parenting dilemmas or shed light on how to deal with the educational system - we’re here for any parenting question.

Being the caregiver

Being the caregiver: whether you’re taking care of a sick child, ailing parent, or injured spouse, these life-changing situations challenge us to become more active, involved caregivers. Our professional team can give you some useful information and tools to cope with those challenges.

Having a baby

Led by an expert developmental psychologist, you will get the tools you need and the chance to consult with an expert about your first steps as parents.

The sessions are completely anonymous and discreet. Neither your employer nor any of your managers will be exposed to the names of those who have chosen to use the service. All professional ethics and confidentiality laws that apply to psychological treatment also apply to online meetings, and the system complies with the applicable medical confidentiality requirements.

totalk2.com's services are provided by licensed therapists. Your referring employer is not responsible for these services and shall not be liable for any damages resulting from your use of the services. Our terms of use govern your use of our services.